How to create your Spill card?
You can create a spill card by signing up by clicking here.It is a quick 2-step process. Employers can sign up by clicking here.
Do you need to pay for using Spill?
Spill is absolutely free for Talent (spill card holders) and also free for employers. It’s absolutely free.
How to share your spill card?
You can share your spill card seamlessly on any platform by clicking on the Share button on the TopRight side of your Spill card once you login.
How to edit your spill card details?
You can edit your professional and contact details from your dashboard after logging in.
Is Spill free for employers?
Yes, spill is free for employers
How to search for Talent on Spill?
You can click on the ‘Search Talent’ button available on home page OR login to your employer account and perform a search using the Search bar from the dashboard.
How do you get rewards?
All spill card holders are rewarded for every unique view they get on their card.
How can I claim my Spill card rewards?
You can redeem the rewards that you have collected by clicking on the ‘Redeem Now’ button avaible in ‘Rewards’ Section of the dashboard after logging in using the respective account you wish to claim the reward for.
What is the Spill card sign up bonus?
You get a sign-up bonus of INR 50 for signing up as a spill card holder.
Is spill card GDPR and CCPA compliant?
Yes, Spilcard.com complies with the GDPR and CCPA policy. You may check out our Privacy policy and Usage terms.
I did not get my answer, what should I do?
You can reach out to us on info@spillcard.com